Booking APIs

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What is Booking API ?

Booking API provides the backend processing to book an asset. Booking API provides simple HTTP based API. This will enable your IT team to link a button on your existing website to the BookAndPay application.

For example you may link Book Now button to View Booking API. The View Booking API will provide the details of the availability for a given asset(s). The user may choose one of the available events / time slots and may press Confirm button. The confirm button should be connected to the Make Booking API.

Details of the API can be found in the API Guide

Why is it needed ?

Booking API is how you connect your existing website to the BookAndPay application. It provides a very easy integration method and designed with IT team in mind. There is no complex programming involved. Simple link Book Now button to View Booking API and its done.

You may integrate using Javascript or using existing backend code such as PHP. Example code is provided in the configuration guide

How it works ?

Booking API abstracts various complexities of booking and makes the integration easier for web developers. When the View Booking API process the request from your website, it will check the time-table / schedules and provide the availability back to the customer via HTML or Json payload. The customer may choose one of the available timeslots and confirm using say ‘confirm’ button. Assuming Confirm Booking button is linked to Make Booking API, the API will carry out multiple actions. The actions include sending notification message via Email or SMS to your customer, adding event to the calendar such as Google calendar and adding the booking details into Self-service system. Adding booking into self-service system enable the customer to make changes to existing booking.

Details on how schedule / time table should be created and published on a calendar can be found in Schedule and Calendar Feature section.

Booking API is one of the services within the BookAndPay application. See Getting Started guide on various services which form a part of the BookAndPay application.

Booking API will be installed and activated during deployment. See deployment guide

Details of the user configurable parameters related to Booking API can be found in the configuration guide