Flexible Deployment

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What is Flexible Deployment ?

Flexible deployment allows you to deploy the BookAndPay application the way you prefer. You can deploy on your cloud computing platforms such as AWS, Azure, Linode, Digital Ocean or you can deploy on your own on-premise server. You can host yourself or use managed hosting where we do it for you

This give you complete flexibility on deployment, ownership and security. There are two options on deployment.

Option1 - Hosted

In the hosted model, you host the BookAndPay application on cloud computing platforms such as AWS, Azure or Linode. In the hosted model either we can do the hosting for you or you can manage it yourself. So there are two

  1. Self Hosting: Hosted by customer and managed by customer IT staff. Application support provided by us if the customer choose to get the maintenance support.

  2. Managed Hosting: Hosted and managed by us. Maintenance support is included.

Option 2- Bring your own server

In the on-premise model, you can install the BookAndPay application on your own server. Alternatively we can install on your own server. All we need is SSH access to your server.

Why is it needed ?

There are several reasons why you may want to host the BookAndPay application in your own environment.

  1. You have full control on your customer data. No one else has access to it.

  2. You can keep the data in your preferred location. The laws of data privacy and where your customer data reside is becoming increasingly important.

  3. Security. BookAndPay application comes with advanced security like OAuth. However how security is applicable at network level and application level and this depends on your business needs. With flexible deployment you have full control on your data and security. See security features for more details.

  4. You can scale up or down. Depending on the demand, you can scale your virtual servers on your cloud computing platform and have full control. See deployment guide and pricing for more details.

How it works ?

Details of how to deploy BookAndPay application can be found in the deployment guide