Pricing Summary

Pricing Options - SaaS, On Demand, Self-Hosted.

BookAndPay application pricing vary based on type of hosting you use.

  1. SaaS pricing
  2. Hosted on demand pricing.
  3. Self-hosted pricing.

SaaS pricing is offered as a service. This is the simplest and easiest method. In this Software As A Service (SaaS) subscription model, you pay for what you use and cancel at anytime. Learn More

We manage the infrastructure and application.

General availability is limited to specific invite only customers. If you like to have access, please contact us

Hosted On Demand pricing

We host it for you. Its your private instance managed and supported by us. BookAndPay is available in a data center of your choice. Its a fully managed service dedicated for you.

You manage the infrastructure and we manage the application

Self-Hosted Pricing

In this case, you host it yourself in your infrastructure.

You manage the infrastructure. First year of support is mandatory. Learn More


The table below shows who is responsible for different pricing and deployment methods.

SaaS OnDemand Self-Hosted
Infrastructure We You You
Application We We You