For customer support teams

automating phone booking

Booking system for contact centers

Agents can search and view availability of resources and book quickly from agent desktop or softphone. No complicated integration required. Customers can pay by phone. Built in self-service makes booking management easier
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Selling Time

Vs Selling Products

Booking system for sharing economy

In sharing economy model physical products, human resources and other business assets are sold as time. Selling time is booking and BookAndPay is a booking system and e-commerce platform optimized for selling time.

For franchisors and franchisees

reduce under utilized resources

Booking system for franchise business

Simple and effective booking system for franchisors and franchisees. Get more bookings and reduce under utilized assets and services. Supports phone and online booking. Better user management, Self-service, payment integration, schedule and availability management for real time booking.
The best toolkit for your franchise operations.
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