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Meet Alice. She has been running her own construction hire company for the last 3 years and she has been renting out equipment used for earthmoving and construction. She has hundreds of pieces of equipment ranging from excavators to dozers and loaders.

Alice has an online catalogue of her equipment, but this catalogue only allows her to take enquiries.

Alice employs Jill who helps to create quotes for people who are looking to hire some equipment. However, it is quite a time-consuming process for Jill managing all the bookings - she has to respond to online enquiries through the website as well as numerous phone calls. Jill also needs to manually process the payments, generate invoices in the accounting software, and process booking cancellations.

The bookings are managed manually using a combination of Excel spreadsheet and pen and paper. But this can result in mistakes where the same piece of equipment is accidentally rented out to different customers. This has resulted in disappointed customers who have taken their business elsewhere.

Alice has spent a lot of upfront capital in purchasing her machine, and a lot of money in refreshing and maintaining the machinery. While she is able to hire out some of her equipment a lot of the equipment sits vacant in the lot.

Alice thinks that there may be a better way of managing her equipment and increasing her bookings.

Book and Pay

BookAndPay provides constructions software for your rental business which enables you to streamline your operations and maximize your bookings.

BookAndPay enables a catalogue of equipment to be made online for booking. The catalogue can be easily searched, and the specifications of the equipment can be made available so that whoever is booking in can see the details of the machinery. In addition the user can see the exact cost of the equipment based on the duration that they select for the booking.

Each piece of equipment is backed by a calendar which manages the availability of the equipment, and ensures that it can’t be booked by more than one person at a particular point in time.

The entire booking process (including payment) can be automated so that there is no intervention required from staff members at the time of booking.

Alice and her employees are able to see all the bookings she has received for each piece of equipment. This makes it easy to see which customer has rented the equipment at a particular point in time.

Alice’s customers are also able to see the bookings they have made when they login to their account. This allows them to see the details of the bookings they have made, and to make cancellations to their bookings.

This system gives Alice a number of benefits:

  • The booking system can be run on her web site and the bookings can be taken 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • She is able to take more bookings and optimize the usage of the machinery so it is not sitting vacant in the lot.
  • She is able to reduce the manual overhead in the booking process and reduce staff time in managing the system.
  • Improved customer experience for Alice’s customers.

Alice and her staff are able to focus on her core business rather than needing to deal with the administrative headaches that she was experiencing.

Key features

Hosted Deployment
Advanced security Notifications
Scheduling and Calendar
Reporting system APIs
Work Order


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