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Booking Management System

Make your business bookable

Classes and Sessions

Classes and Sessions

Coaching session, Tutoring classes, Yoga, Personal training. Make it bookable

Courts, Fields, Venues

Courts, Fields, Venues

Tennis courts or Sports field. Function venues or public parks. Make it available online.

Equipment and Resources.

Equipment and Resources.

Machinery or Wedding dress. Furniture or Cycle. Make it available for hire easily

Office space booking

Office space booking

Meet distancing requirements easily for office desks, meeting rooms and hot desks.

Services and People

Services and People

Electricians, Gardeners, Optometrists, Psychologists… Staff bookings.

Transport, People or Material

Transport, People or Material

Airport shuttle, removal services, warehouse delivery. Bookable by distance, time.

Work Orders

Work Orders

Create a service request for repair or installation. Job requests you create are bookable by service providers.

calendar utilization

Business assets fully utilized ?

People, Services, Venues, Courts, Classes, Transport, Equipment, Locations ...


Maximize bookings

Booking software to maximize bookings for your business easily

How it works

Decide what is bookable.
It can be a business location, people, equipment, classes, service...Learn more

Create schedule for those assets.
E.g. 9AM to 5PM with 30 mins intervals or it may be every Fridays at 3pm for 5 weeks. Learn more

Add URL to your website. Done.
If you need help with it, contact us and we happy to help.

What is booking engine ? is an online system you can use to manage your bookings. It is a software platform or engine for booking physical assets or human services. You can use it to hire your physical assets such as equipment, venue or transport or you can use it for booking human services such as electrician’s or optometrist’s time.

Booking is buying a service for a period of time. Even physical assets can be treated as service and sold as time. For example a forklift is a physical asset, but its being rented for a period of time. is a booking management software system designed for selling time !. So you can treat an e-commerce platform for booking your services or for renting physical assets supports online booking and phone booking.

How it works is an online system to power your bookings. You can use it hire physical assets such as electric scooters or book a venue such as tennis court or camping site or to make your services such as electrician’s time bookable.

Your customers interact with your website, but the information on availability, pricing and other details are provided by the booking engine.

Your customers book and pay directly from your website.There is no integration / coding required apart from adding a “Book” button on your website.

Booking engine also manages various notifications to your customers and manages payment securely. supports online booking and phone booking.

Selling Time

Vs Selling Products

Booking system for sharing economy
In sharing economy model physical products, human resources and other business assets are sold as time. Selling time is booking and BookAndPay is a booking system and e-commerce platform optimized for selling time.
Helping your business

towards sharing economy

For customer support teams

automating phone booking

Booking system for contact centers
Agents can search and view availability of resources and book quickly from agent desktop or softphone. No complicated integration required. Customers can pay by phone. Built in self-service makes booking management easier
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   Phone Booking

for customer support teams.

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Simple high level APIs for quick integration. REST based micro-services APIs for advanced work-flow integration. APIs are fully …


Assets are anything that’s bookable. Asset can be a person or equipment. It can be tennis court or business location. Assets are …


Booking availability can be based on various factors. E.g number of participants per event, cancellations and booking status. …

Booking App

View asset information and booking availability using booking app. Use built-in booking application for your customers or customize it …


View customer bookings on a calendar. Use internal calendar or external calendars such as Google or Microsoft. View on mobile or web …


SMS, Email or WhatsApp notifications for customers and staff. Message, Recipients and Delivery time can be customized using rules and …

Pricing & Payment

Define the cost of booking and get payments easily. Cost of booking can be fixed or variable. Variable pricing can be based on time, …


View reports on customers, bookings and payments. Supports Excel, PDF and web formats. Build your own report using SQL or customize …


Create simple or complex schedule for your bookable assets. E.g. 9am to 5pm mon,tue or it can be every Friday 4pm for 10 weeks or every …


Customers access information about booking, payments and all past transactions 24/7. Make changes, request refunds or update personal …

User Management

Users can be business owners, employees or customers. User management involves managing their roles, access and security. …

Work Orders

Work Orders are service requests to schedule and book a time for the requested work to be carried out. Work orders can be considered as …
Self-service built in.

Great user experience.


for enterprisey folks!

API Gateway

API gateway provides centralized security, throttling and quotas for BookAndPay API services

LDAP and AD support

Users in LDAP and Active Directory servers can access the system

OAuth support

Enhanced security and integration using OAuth2 support

Single Sign On

Single sign on provides easier and secure login for browser application integration

Social Login

You and your customers can register and login via Facebook, Google, Microsoft…
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Quick and Secure

Hosting Options

Self-hosted or SaaS


Use cloud servers and ready to go.


Operate within your own infrastructure with our full support.
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Choose how your customers book

Casual Booking

Casual booking allows your customer to book any available timeslot. This type of booking is useful for services type of businesses such …

Recurring Booking

Recurring type booking enables a user to repeat a booking for a timeslot for a certain period of time or a specified number of …

Term Booking

Term booking allows your customer to book for all the sessions in one click. Term booking simplifies booking, payments, refunds and …
Booking System for


Business Examples

Small and Large businesses

Contact Center Booking System

Agents can search and view availability of resources and book quickly from agent desktop or softphone. No complicated integration …

Eye care and Optometrist Booking System

Maximize bookings easily. Simplify it for your customers. No registration forms. Just mobile number and confirm it right away

Aged care service provider

Aged care service provider business is an example on how field service company in health care uses BookAndPay application. Aged care …

Coaching and tuition franchise

Coaching franchise business is an example of how booking people is an essential and integral part of automating the work order …

Tennis Court Booking System

Multiple tennis courts in multiple locations. Court booking and Coaching session booking. Cost varies based on the time of the day and …

Equipment and Tools Hiring

Equipment and tool hiring business is an example how the business integrated assets, work orders and bookings very effectively using …


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Pricing is based on the plans you use.
1. SaaS pricing
2. Hosted on demand pricing
3. Self-Hosted pricing

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