Booking page or app customization

Customize the booking app or page

Booking App

BookAndPay booking management system (BMS) comes with with a built-in application to make bookings. Customers can also modify the application to suit their needs. Alternatively you can also develop your own booking application for more complex and advanced work flow integrations.

The booking application can be

  • Static HTML and Javascript based web page
  • Web application using backend web servers with programming language such as Php, Node, Java
  • Single page application using Javascript frameworks / libraries such as React, Vue
  • Native mobile application on android / ios
  • Hybrid mobile apps using any framework of your choice.

BookAndPay Booking management system backend handles user registration, search, booking, notification, payments. The booking application is a light weight front end application and does not process any data. The booking application makes use of BookAndPay APIs


The booking application provides these functions

  1. Display information of the assets which are bookable. This can be information of a particular asset or group of assets
  2. Search function. Search allows a user to search for assets
  3. Display availability of one or group of assets
  4. Get additional information about booking. E.g.Details of the car to be serviced or a special request
  5. Interface to payment service