Recurring Booking

Recurring Booking

Recurring Booking

Recurring booking is useful in many situations where users need repeated automatic booking.


Examples of recurring booking

  • Appointments which recur every few months. E.g Dental appointments very 6 months
  • Permanent booking for a tennis court every Friday at 5pm to 6pm for 10 months.
  • Car servicing every year in March.
  • Medical appointments every two weeks on Thursdays 3pm for 10 weeks.

BookAndPay booking management software allows your customers to create recurring bookings easily.


  • Ability to define the start date and end date for recurring booking
  • Ability to choose cancel recurring booking.
  • Ability to get refunds if allowed
  • Ability to set cut off times for cancellations and refunds.
  • Automatic reminders for all sessions
  • Self service to view bookings and attendance.
  • Self service to view payments and receipts

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