Reports on customers,booking,payment

Assets are inventory of items for booking.


View reports on customers, bookings and payments. Supports Excel, PDF and web formats. Build your own report using SQL or customize existing reports.

Reporting is an integral feature of BookAndPay application. Reporting is lot more than a online view of booking or payments. Reports or Business Intelligence provides detailed information about customers, their bookings and payment in different formats such as excel, pdf. It also presents information which is easy to understand as a summary via tables and graphs to make it actionable. For example how many customers booked in the last two quarters in a specific location and the revenue earned from that location.

To illustrate the point, lets consider this example.

The business wants to know the following

  1. Number of booking made between Feb 1 and June 30

  2. Number of customer who are repeat customers during that period

  3. Details of customers who made the orders or bookings during that period

  4. Number of cancellations during that period.

  5. Amount of revenue via online booking or work orders.

  6. Create the reports in PDF

  7. Create the reports in Excel to do more pivot table analysis

  8. Export the report in CSV to import to CRM or other systems.

  9. Number of customers who give high rating and poor rating

As you can see, these are common requirements often needed by many businesses. This information is not something a simple online view of bookings can provide.

This example also shows that reporting is an integral part of your business process and management.

Why is it needed ?

Reporting system benefits are numerous. Once you start using it, it becomes a integral part of your business providing you with accurate and holistic view of your business operations. Some of the benefits of a proper reporting system are below

  1. Holistic view of the business operations from booking and work order perspective.

  2. Accurately measure and quantify data and make decisions based on data. Business judgements with data often proves more successful

  3. Faster access to data. Once you export the data into Excel or PDF or Word, it becomes easily accessible to lot more people easily.

  4. You can measure effectiveness of your promotions and campaigns quantitatively and objectively and eliminates guess work.

  5. You can import the data into another system such as your CRM systems and helps data consolidation.

How it works ?

Reporting is a service component within BookAndPay application. It gets deployed when you deploy the application.

Like other services, you have to configure the Reporting service after deployment.