Single Sign On

Single Sign On

Single Sign On

BookAndPay application provides comprehensive support for Single Sign On (SSO). Single sign on allows allows different clients applications to login and authenticate to BookAndPay service without duplicating user information in different system. The clients can be custom client you may develop to integrate with BookAndPay service or it may be clients which are available as a part of the BookAndPay solution.

BookAndPay provides the Single Sign On (SSO) support via three different methods

- OpenID Connect ( OIDC)
- Docker Registry Authentication. 

OpenId connect is the default authentication protocol we use. OIDC is an extension of the OAuth 2.0. OIDC provides complete authentication and authorization and support Json Web Token (JWT).

Having said that, if you need SAML or Docker Registry support for integrating the Booking Management Solution with your processes or workflow, we are happy to provide the support to make it happen.


Some of the benefits are obvious and some are not. Here is a list we believe our SSO support will help you

  • Improved security: You can set password requirements in one place and all users then comply to it.
  • Two factor authentication: With SSO, users can enable two factor authentication if required.
  • Increased productivity: Users do not need to remember multiple usernames / passwords
  • Compliance and Audit: With single authentication and authorization, access to system can be audited better.
  • Finer granularity in access control: With authorization support, administrator can manage users access to various parts based on roles.