Term Booking

Term Booking

Term Booking

Term booking allows a user to book a session / class without selecting individual events/classes. For example a piano class may have 10 sessions every 1st Friday of the month, each with a maximum number of 4 participants. A user can book the entire term / session without specifically selecting individual classes.

BookAndPay booking management software provides comprehensive support for term booking, also known as session booking.


  1. Coaching classes
  2. Training sessions
  3. Venue bookings

Benefits of Term Booking

  • Simple or complex time tables can be created easily. See an typical example

    Yoga classes
    10 sessions
    Beginning Mar 10, 2020
    Every Friday at 6pm
    At Gary Avenue, 23 York Street
    Each session have a maximum 10 people
    $15 per session or $120 for the full term
    Trainer is Ms Sophia 

    Once you create a term booking in the system , a unique URL will be created for the session which your customers can book.

  • Payment integration.
    You can make payment mandatory at the time of booking or complete payment at a later date. This flexibility allows your customers to book in quickly and pay using any channels they prefer whether it is cash payment, paypal or purchase orders.

  • Self service
    Self service allows your customer to login and view their bookings, class/session details, payment details easily anytime.

  • Notifications
    You can create custom message templates and rules on what message to send and when to send a message. For example, participants may receive a reminder of each session 24 hours prior to the session by ‘Whatsapp’ message.

  • Attendance
    You can make the attendance marking if required. This allows you or the participant to mark a session as “attended”. In some business situations this may be necessary.

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