Service Request Bookings

Work order or service order bookings

Work Order or Service Order Bookings

Work orders are often service orders to schedule and book a time for a service to be carried out. The work order typically contain details of the asset, nature of the work and sometimes the people who should carry out the work.

Work order service is a high level service component of BookAndPay application. Its easier to understand the functions of work order using an example for a car servicing franchise business.

Customer wants to book a car for servicing. Customer enters postcode / zip code and get information on available mechanics/locations. Customer selects a time and a mechanic/franchisee of choice. Customer also enter the contact details and details of the car to be serviced and submit the form.

The diagram below illustrates the role of Work Order service in this example.

The example shows the work flow and steps.

When a customer (e.g Mary) enter the zipcode / post code in the car service company website and click Search, work order service receives that request. The work order service will check via asset api to find out the service mechanics who would be servicing her location. Work order service then check the booking api to retrieve the booking availability and provide that information via a custom HTML/JS form.

Mary then select one of the available time slots and provide details related to order. Typically there are three parts in that information. 1. Order information such as car model, year of manufacture 2. booking information such as date/time she selected and 3. contact details.

The work order service upon receiving this information will update the asset information as well make the booking via asset api and booking api. Certainly the booking api will send the necessary notifications, update the calendar and so forth as described in api section.

So in other words, work order service provides these functions

  1. Provides the ability for administrators to enter work order information via web forms.

  2. Provides a simple HTTP interface to you website to enable search asset and booking information.

  3. Provides customized forms which can be used for entering order information, booking information and contact information.

  4. Provides the ability to interact with APIs to process the work order and booking.

Why is it needed ?

Word Order service provides an very easy way of integration with the existing web page. All that is required is to link a BookNow or Search button and use the BookAndPay url in that button.

Work order service provides the capability to customize the forms to meet specific needs as business requirements vary from one to another. The order form may also vary from one business to another.

For teams with some development skills, you can use the apis for more complex integrations or fine tune the behavior to suit the needs.

How it works ?

The diagram shows the sequence of operation when a user try to access self-service. When user to try to access a protected service, the user will be re-directed to the user-management service and will be provided a “Login” screen. Upon successful login, the user will be provided an access token. This token will be then used in the future requests from that authenticated user. The token will be verified by API gateway before the request gets forwarded to the self-service component.

Work-order is service component within BookAndPay application. It gets deployed when you deploy the application.

Like other services, you have to configure the work-order service after deployment.