Booking system for contact centers

Contact Center Booking System

A simple way to allow customer service representatives to search availability of multiple business assets and book on behalf of the caller. The assets can be people, physical products, transport, classes or rooms/venues. Bookings get created under callers phone number. Callers are registered automatically into self-service and hence they can login using phone number and one time password to view bookings, payments etc. Notifications such as reminders are also managed automatically.

Add booking into your customer support workflow easily

 View booking availability
 Book on behalf of customer
 Automatic self-service
 Online self-service for bookings and payments
 Automatic reminders
 Pay by phone
 Enterprise security
 Integrate with SIP based systems
 Integrate with business applications


BookAndPay booking management system allow your agents to view the availability of various resources and book on behalf of customers easily. For example customers call in for an enquiry and your customer support representative wants to check the availability of a resource such as a staff member or an equipment and make a booking.

If payment is required, agent can transfer the call to BookAndPay booking management system and customer can pay securely via phone or via one click link via notification. Once the payment is completed, the booking management system can transfer the call back to agent or agent gets a pop up.

BookAndPay booking management system can be integrated with any SIP based contact centre system. It can be on-premise system or cloud based system.

With built-in self service, your customers can securely login to the booking management system 24/7 and view past booking and payments easily.

BookAndPay booking software system can be deployed on premise or it can be used as SaaS / Hosted cloud solution.

Booking Availability View for agents

Agents can view availability of resources easily. The resources can be any type of resources such a people, equipment, venue or just any type of assets.

Agents can view availability of one specific resource or asset or consolidated view to give quick feedback to your customer. For example if the caller needs to be booked in, agent can check availability based on specific date in the future or next three days.

Agents can search assets or resources quickly and view availability before booking

Agent may search assets based on a specific address or location or type of equipment or type of service required. It can be based on additional factors such as type of venue or facilities within a venue. For example for a car servicing franchise, the search might be based on the customers post code and type of servicing required before booking in a franchisee to serve a particular customer.

See more details in Asset

Pay by phone

Customer can pay by phone securely by phone. Enter minimum details via phone keypad and BookAndPay will process the payment via Stripe.

BookAndPay supports secure payment via Stripe. No personal information will be collected by the booking management software. Once the payment is securely processed, booking system will confirm the booking and transfer the call back to agent if required.

You may also provide the capability that your customer may complete the payment transaction online at a later time. BookAndPay server will send a one click payment link to the customer by notification channel.


Your customer can login to cancel booking, get refunds, view past bookings and invoices 24/7

Self service is a built in feature for all users. Users does not need to register. Simply use the phone number they used to call your contact centre as the user name and a one time password will be provided to that number. No registration and no forms to fill in.

You may also integrate BookAndPay with external user databases using LDAP / Active Directory systems. This is totally optional. See LDAP/AD integration

See more details in self-service

Works with any SIP based contact center

Works with any SIP based contact center solution. It can be simple SIP based setup using Asterisk or Freeswitch or it can be a complex setup using call manager or similar solutions

BookAndPay booking software system comes with bundled SIP B2B system and so it can be easily integrated with any external SIP based contact center solutions.

You may also use BookAndPay without any SIP level integration.

Use your domain URL

You can use your domain or use

The booking service can be used by agent as well by your customer for self-service. The URL can be domain such as or just simply your business name such as Using your own domain give your customers a consistent branding and look and feel.

Connect with other business systems

You can connect the booking server with other business applications such as CRM, Accounting or other systems

BookandPay service comes with comprehensive REST based APIs. You can integrate with any systems which support API integration. If your business system does not support API integration, you can also integrate at database level or custom. We guarantee the integration work fully.

See more details in API

Hosted or On-premise

You can deploy bookandpay servers in your own private cloud or deploy in on-premise server or you may use our own hosted server as SaaS

There are multiple hosting options. It can be

  1. Self-hosted in your private cloud
  2. Self-hosted in your on-premise server
  3. Our hosted system as SaaS

See more details in hosting

Enterprise grade security

Booking server comes with advanced enterprise grade security features

Security features include

  1. OAuth support
  2. Single Sign On (SSO)
  3. LDAP and Active Directory (AD) support
  4. SAML support
  5. API gateway

See more details in security


When agent book for your customers, notifications gets send to your customers without any additional integration work

Notifications are a powerful feature in booking management server. You can configure rules and templates. For example you may say send invoice by email to <user> 1 minute after payment completion using <template-3>

You may send reminders using rules and templates. E.g Send <user> reminder by <whatsapp> with message <reminder-template> 48 hour prior to booking time

See more details in notifications

How it works

Booking system for contact centers

Step 1

Agent answers the call. If the customer needs booking, agent click “book now” button on desktop browser or custom button on softphone or in agent pop up screen.

Step 2

Agent checks the booking availability. The booking availability can be searched on various assets such as location or service type. E.g check availability of a staff who can service air conditioning unit for post code / zip code. With consultation with caller, agent makes the booking on behalf of your customer.

Booking server uses call details such as caller id to create a user and hence the booking belongs to the customer and hence they can use self-service later on without any further assistance 24/7.

If the booking requires payment confirmation, agent transfers the call to the booking server.

Step 3 - Optional

If the booking requires payment, your customer pay by phone keypad. Booking server will prompt the user to enter credit card details by keypad. BookAndPay booking server has a built in B2B SIP server and handles payment transactions securely with Stripe

You may also provide the capability that your customer may complete the payment transaction online at a later time. BookAndPay server will send a one click payment link to the customer by notification channel.

Step 4 - Optional

If the payment happens via phone and you need to transfer the call back to agent, booking server will transfer the call back to agent.

Step 5

Self-service is a built in features which allows your customer to view their bookings and past transactions. This allows your customers to have less dependence on contact centre to make changes to bookings or just to view invoices and past transactions.

With BookAndPay booking management software solution, there is no need for customers to separately sign up and register.

Contact Center Booking Examples

contact center booking
  1. Trades : Customers call in to make booking for trades such as Electricians, Plumbers
  2. Service Centers: Customers call in to make enquiries or bookings.
  3. Govt / Municipal / Council resources: People call in to check availability and bookings on council or govt resources such as Parks, Venues, Sporting fields. See example here
  4. Franchise operations: Customers call in to make bookings on physical assets or services. More details here
  5. Aged care: Customer call in to book services for home care. More details here