Multiple bookable assets

Assets are inventory of items for booking.

Manage multiple bookable assets easily


Assets are inventory of items for booking and are searchable.

Assets are anything that’s bookable in your business. The asset which can be booked might be a tennis court or a person. It can be an equipment or a coaching class. It can be a transport or a gardening service.

The assets may be part of one business location or it may be franchise network spread around the country. BookAndPay booking management system allows you to create and configure your assets for booking.


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To illustrate the concept, lets take some examples

  • Tennis Courts: Sporting Facility management business hire tennis courts. Courts can be booked by anyone.

    Business Asset for booking
    Tennis Court Hire court
  • Car Service: Car service center franchisee. A user makes a booking to service his car at a nearby service center.

    Business Asset for booking
    Service Centre business location
  • Aged Care: An aged care service provider enables booking for various home care services such as nursing, home maintenance. Service is provided by various service providers. Users can book for a service.

    Business Asset for booking
    Aged care service
  • Yoga classes: A yoga or personal training franchise has several locations with multiple classes and sessions. User can make a booking for a one off class or for the entire session or term.

    Business Asset for booking
    Yoga franchisee class
  • Equipment hire: Equipment hire company have hundreds of items which can be hired on an hourly or daily basis.

    Business Asset for booking
    Equipment Hire Equipment and Tools
  • Medical Practice: Medical practice have several locations and each location have multiple doctors. Booking can be made for a doctor or a location

    Business Asset for booking
    Medical Practice Doctor or location
  • Room and Venue Hire: A local government authority has several venues and rooms for public hire. Booking can be made for a venue

    Business Asset for booking
    Local Government / Rental company Rooms and Venues
  • Facility Management: For body corporates, facility management and strata management companies, managing and booking service orders or work orders.

    Business Asset for booking
    Facility management Work Orders


More business examples can be found here


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