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define schedule for your bookable assets


Schedule associated with an asset defines the timetable. However schedule itself does not let a user know if a time slot or event can be booked. A user can book an even only if the time slot or event is available for booking.


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Availability considerations

An event or time slot is available for booking based on multiple considerations. Some of the availability factors are described below

  1. No of participants: It is possible to define maximum number of participants for a event / time slot on a schedule. For example a service business such as optometrist or a clinic with one staff may accept only one booking per time slot. However another business with multiple service staff, for example a trade business such as electricians may have more than one electrician and may accept more than one booking per time slot. Users can configure this number in the BookAndPay booking management system.

  2. Cancellations: Cancellations can change the availability information. If a participant cancels a booking, the availability information may change.

  3. Blocked time slots or events: A user may have unexpected changes such as unavailability of a staff or public holidays or other unpredictable factors. These may not be considered in the schedule itself. The availability may change based on such exceptions too. For example if a service technician is not available on a particular week or a business need to be closed on a particular day for unforeseen reasons, then the availability information for a schedule will change.

Availability information is important for booking application as well. In many cases, the booking application may show only available time slots and remove fully booked events / timeslots from the view.


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