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Automate Messaging


Messaging automation benefits are

  1. Message content and recipients can be customized based on templates and rules.
  2. Messages can be scheduled to send at at pre-programmed future time.
  3. Messages can be send over different communication channels such as Email, SMS.

To illustrate the point, lets take a use case. Your customer made a booking for an asset. That booking can be for a person, equipment or location. When you customer makes the booking, you may need to send some notification messages.

- Send Email or SMS to confirm booking with embedded URL. 
- Send an email reminder 48 hour prior to the event or appointment time. 
- Send an SMS reminder 24 hours prior to the event of appointment time. 
- Send the invoice by email with `single click` payment feature
- Send a payment reminder with options to pay.
- Send a "Thank you" message with feedback form by SMS or Email

Notification Message feature allow you to define the rules such as those illustrated above.

In addition to rules, these message should be personalized with specific details of the user. To personalize the messages, Notification Message features support Templates. A template might look something like this

Dear {{firstName}}, 

Thank you for making the booking with us for {{asset}} on {{eventDateTime}}. To confirm the booking please click {{confirmUrl}}.

If you wish to make changes to booking or to cancel, please click {{cancelUrl}}

You can also contact the service provider at on number. 

- Service Provider Details {{serviceProviderName}}
- Service Provider Telephone {{serviceProviderTelephone}}

You have the option to pay now using this Pay Now button {{paymentUrl}}. 

You can view invoices or make changes to your bookings by logging into self-service portal {{selfServicePortalUrl}}

Looking forward to meeting you in person

Team at Acme


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Why is it needed ?

Now that you have an understanding what are Notification Messages, its fairly easy to understand the benefits. Lets outlines those benefits

  1. With notification message feature you have full control on message delivery.

  2. You can choose your own service provider. You can choose how you may send email. You can use your own internal SMTP servers or you can email service of your choice such as Mailgun, SendGrid or others.

  3. You can design the templates yourself.

  4. You can decide the rules of notification and what templates to choose for each rule. An example might be Send SMS using payment reminder template 2 days before paymentOverdue to accountOwner

  5. You can control the cost and priority of message delivery. The cost of the message delivery depends on the service provider. For example SMS with high priority will likely cost more.

  6. You can use your domain name of your choice. This will help you with branding and consistency in messaging and provide better customer experience.

  7. You can customize the template to suit your logos and colors.

How it works ?

Notification Message is service component within BookAndPay application. It gets deployed when you deploy the application.

Like other services, you have to configure the Notification Message service after deployment.

The final delivery of the email, sms or other supported channels is carried out by the service provider you configure. In some cases, it might be internal. For example you might decide to use your existing in house SMTP server for email delivery. Notification Message Service will create the message based on the rules and templates and will schedule the delivery of the message via the configured provider.


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