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Business or people not always work from 9 to 5. Even if the business is 9 to 5, there will be constraints required. Those constraints might be lunch time or holidays or different working hours on Saturday. Some of the booking may not based on business hours at all. For example a tennis coaching session might be every 2 weeks on Sundays at 2pm. So ability to create schedule based on needs a powerful feature you can use.

To illustrate the capability better, lets take a sporting facility with several tennis courts and running coaching lessons.


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Example 1 - Tennis class for beginners

- Tennis class - Beginner class
- Every week 
- Mondays at 7pm and Fridays at 4pm
- 1 hour per class
- 10 classes total
- class starts on Mar 11,2019
- Location: Australia/Sydney
- No classes if it’s a public holiday in Australia

Example 2 - Advanced class

- Tennis class - Advanced class
- Every alternate Fridays at 8pm
- 1 hour per class
- 20 classes total
- class starts Dec 7,2018  
- Location: Australia/Sydney
- No classes on Jan 4, 2019

Example 3 - Court booking

Tennis Court - Lighted  
Opens between 4PM to 9PM every day  
Except Sundays  
Minimum booking interval 30mins  
Booking starts from Mar 1, 2019  
This schedule applies for 6 months  

Example 4 - Booking for synthetic courts.

- Tennis Court - NoLights
- Opening Hours:
    - Jan to Aug:
        - Mondays: 7AM to 11AM
        - & 2PM to 8PM
        - Tuesday - Sat: 9AM to 7PM
        - Sun: 6AM to 6PM
        - Public Holidays: 11AM to 4PM
        - Not open on Jan 1,2,3

    - Sep to Dec:
        - Mondays: Not open
        - Tuesday - Sun: 8AM to 8PM
        - Public Holidays: 11AM to 4PM
        - Not open on Dec 25,26,27

- Minimum booking interval: 1 hour. 
- Booking starts from Feb 1, 2019.
- This schedule applies for 2 years.

Example 5 - Special needs coaching

Tennis Special Needs classes: 
1st Saturday of every month except December
15 classes
Starting Feb 2019
2 hours per session
Class starts at 10:30 AM

These examples illustrate the flexibility required when creating schedule. In fact, these example does not show the exceptions such as public holidays.

BookAndPay application provides easy way to create complex schedules relatively easily with examples to configure and get started easily.


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