• Coaching and tuition franchise
    Coaching franchise business is an example of how booking people is an essential and integral part of automating the work order processing.
  • Equipment and tool hiring business
    Equipment and tool hiring business is an example how the business integrated assets, work orders and bookings very effectively using BookAndPay application.
  • Sports venue management
    Sports facility management business is an example of booking venues. The sports facility management company has tennis courts in multiple locations. Each location has several courts. They also run several training programmes. The pricing of the courts vary based on the time of the day and court type.
  • Aged care service provider
    Aged care service provider business is an example on how field service company in health care uses BookAndPay application. Aged care service provider manages and supports home visits by nurses and other home care services such as house work and gardening.
  • Facility Management Service
    Facility Management business is an example on how advanced features such as Request for Quotes / RFQ and responses are integrated into Service Provider selection and booking. Its is good example to understand how Work Orders are created, RFQs are sent and responses are collated and Services are booked.