Eye care and Optometrist Booking System

Maximize bookings for eye care and optometry businesses.

- Most simple booking system for eye care and optometrists. - Customers select available time slot, mobile number and done ! - No complex registration forms for your customers - Mobile phone accounts ( Or email accounts) - Easy to block out time-slots to public - Link booking page to your website and done - SMS or email reminders - Top grade security used in enterprise systems - Self-service enabling customers to make changes - Add post bill payments easily

You are online next day.. and its simple.

Its simply brilliant. My customers happy and I get more bookings!

3 Steps to maximize your bookings


Step 1

Choose location or people.

You can make your business location as bookable or you may choose individual optometrist or eye doctor as bookable.More info


Step 2

Create the schedule

Create a schedule easily and define your availability for each bookable entity. Its highly flexible. More info


Step 3

Add URL to your website

You can add link to specific office location or group of optometrists easily More info

3 steps for customers

Step 1: Select time slot and enter mobile number.

Step 2: Receives SMS message to confirm.

Step 3: Click and confirm. Receives reminders.

*Notification rules and channels are fully customizable. See notification rules

Features for eyecare and optometrists

Book Time Slots

You can define time slots however you need. Schedule can be designed in many ways. You can define intervals, duration, holidays,weekends. Schedule may vary depending on the day of the week. Schedule on Mondays may be different to Saturdays.

Choose optometrists / physicians

You can make availability of individual optometrist or eye doctor online or you can show a time slot as available if any of the optometrists or eye doctors in your team is available.

Busy out time slots

We understand circumstances change and you need to quickly remove a time slot from online booking easily. Yes, you can do that easily with our unique busy out function to block time slots from availability.

No registration form

Booking should be easy. So allow your customers to book in without registration forms and credit card details.


Sometimes customer may not be able to make it. Instead of no show, wouldn't it be lot better if they can cancel appointments? Yes, your customers can easily cancel an appointment without calling you during your office hours.

Just mobile number!

Enter name and mobile number and booking is confirmed in real time.
This is not a request for booking, but a confirmed booking.

"Book Now" button on your website

Add the booking URL to your website and that's it ! Simple. Once you create a bookable asset, you will get a unique URL

Avoid fraudsters and bots

Your booking is in safe hands. The system has advanced security to avoid fraudsters, scammers and software bots to create unwanted bookings.

Notifications Rules

Notification rules allows you to define when, what, how and who to send a message when a booking is confirmed.

Recurring Booking

Some of your customer may need recurring booking. Perhaps eye test very year.

Pre or post payment

If you need to collect payments online, its easy. With stripe payment support, you can collect payment securely via Stripe without concerns about legal and privacy issues.

Offset and Intervals

We understand your schedule. It is not always back to back appointments. You may need intervals between appointments or you may not want someone book online and walk into to your business in 10 minutes.

Phone Booking

Not everybody wants to do online booking. Some of your customers will call your optometry or eye care business to make bookings. We understand this and support it.

Comparison and Benefits.

Alternative BookAndPay.com
Choose any available or specific optometrist
When you have more than one optometrist or eye doctor, your customers may choose any available optometrist or eye doctor. Or they can choose a specific optometrist.
Not possible or customers have to switch between various optometrists to find out who is available. Customers can choose 'any' option or 'select a specific' eye doctor/optometrist

Request Vs Confirmation.
Many eye care and optometrist booking page are web forms and requested time
Web-form for appointment. Not confirmed right away Bookings are confirmed

Register&Login Vs Mobile Number
Many system require customers to register and login before making bookings. Many customers find it painful and just call or go to competitive eyecare.
Requires registration and login for booking Enter name and mobile and confirm via SMS link. Much simpler. See details

Email Vs Mobile
Most system require email as a pre-requisite. Emails are painful to enter on smart phones. Mobile numbers are much easier and more secure.
Must provide email and other details for booking Just mobile number. No passwords! More secure. See details

Rigid Vs Flexible Scheduling
Your schedule may change. Optometrist or eye doctors may need to make changes to their schedule to accommodate other things.
Schedules are rigid and not easy to change. Scheduling is powerful and flexible. Supports offsets and intervals. See details

Self-service allows customers to make changes to their bookings 24/7
Self-service not available or complex and insecure Self-service available to all users with just mobile number and single use or one time passwords (OTP) See details

Notification templates and rules
Booking often needs various notifications. To staff, opticians/optometrists or eye doctors, your customers.
Hard wired and inflexible notifications rules and messages Fully configurable and customizable notification templates and rules.You can decide when, what, how, who to send a message on booking.See details

Block out time-slots
Optometrists and eye doctors often needs to block out time from booking system to avoid double booking
Not possible or needs to login via PC and make changes Very easy with unique and quick block out option enabling you to busy out slots easily and securely from any device anywhere. See details

Franchise Support
Some optometrists or eye care clinics are centrally managed by franchisor
Complex integration when there are many franchisees Easy to create booking system for your franchisees. See details

Phone booking
If you have a contact centre or team who answers incoming phone calls, booking should be done on behalf of your customers.
Not possible or complex telephony integration Phone booking or agent booking is integral part of solution details

FAQ on booking engine by eye doctors and optometrists.

 General Questions

You can create as many bookable assets as you like. You can make your bookable entity as business location or specific optometrists or eye doctors. Its flexible.

Read more how to setup bookable assets and schedule easily here

Yes if your franchisor allows you. If you are an optometry franchisor or eye care services franchisor, you can make it available to all your franchisees very easily and centrally control it.

See more details on how it may benefit franchise operations here

Yes. You can customize the booking page. You can use your logos and customize it for your needs. Basic customization does not require any technical skills. However if you like to create your own customized page or app, please free to contact us and we are happy to help you or your IT/web partners.

Yes you can setup payments to receive payments after appointments. This is useful for receiving payments for invoices. See payments for more details.

Note. We use Stripe as default payment service provider

If you stick QR codes on visible locations to passers by at your location, they can scan and book in one step. This will avoid your customers to search you in the internet and find booking URL

QR codes are great for optometrists or eye care doctor services where there is a some foot traffic such as shopping malls,arcades or retail streets

You can download the QR code for the bookable location or asset.

 Schedule questions

Schedule defines your calendar or availability of your optometrist or eye doctor or a specific location / clinic . E.g. it might be simple as 9 to 5 Mon to Friday with 30 minutes booking interval or it might be a complex schedule depending on the day of the week with break in between. Learn more about schedule

Yes. You can change your schedule anytime.

Read more how to setup bookable assets and schedule easily here

Yes. Your customers have access to self-service and they can cancel booking anytime they made with the optometrist or eye doctor. The time-slot they booked in will be automatically available for online booking.

Yes. You can cancel booking when customers call in to cancel booking with your optometrists or eye doctor. Customers will get notifications as well on cancellations. The cancelled time slot will be automatically available for online booking

Walk in appointments and phone bookings can be common in some optometrists or eye care service and doctors. You book on book on behalf of your customers. This way customers get reminders and access to self-service as well.

See more details on phone booking

See more details on phone booking

Yes you can customize the booking form when they make booking with your location, eye doctor or optometrist. In some cases, it may be a simple notes and in other cases in might be insurance details. If you have some basic HTML / web technical skills you are welcome to do this yourselves or you can contact us and we will do it for you free of cost in most cases

Some optometrists or eye doctors prefer their customers make repeat or regular bookings. BookAndPay.com supports this. See recurring booking for more details.

 Integration or Getting started questions

Depends. The key benefit this solution provides is to maximize bookings for you and not minor work flow improvements. More bookings means more revenue for you. To improve bookings, you need to simplify bookings for customers. Customer does not require prior registration and long forms to complete. Customer provide the name and mobile number (or email) and booking is confirmed.

If our booking system is not integrated to your practice management software, you may need to enter the entry manually into your PM.

What is more important ? Getting more bookings for your optometry or eyecare business or few minutes of extra work for manual entry in your Practice management software?

However if you need integration to your practice management software, let us know the practice management software you are using.If it supports API or database integration, we will link bookings to it.

Note: Your customer can always login using mobile number and one time password and update details such as insurance details later if required via self-service or even pay invoices


Simple 3 steps get you started.

 Pricing questions

Pricing varies based on number of bookable assets and type of features you like. Typically its less than the cost of coffee every month.  It is the simplest and the most cost effective way to bring more appointments with better customer satisfaction. Contact us and we happy to get it up and running. See pricing details for more details.

Yes. You can cancel anytime. See pricing details for more details.


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