Simple high level APIs for quick integration. REST based micro-services APIs for advanced work-flow integration. APIs are fully documented and supported.

API Gateway

API gateway provides centralized security, rate limits and quotas for BookAndPay API services


Assets are anything that's bookable. Asset can be a person or equipment. It can be tennis court or business location. Assets are inventory of items for booking and are searchable.


Booking availability can be based on various factors. E.g number of participants per event, cancellations and booking status. Availability can be viewed on booking app / page.

Booking App

View asset information and booking availability using booking app. Use built-in booking application for your customers or customize it to meet your needs. You can also develop your own easily.


View customer bookings on a calendar. Use internal calendar or external calendars such as Google or Microsoft. View on mobile or web app"

Casual Booking

Casual booking allows your customer to book any available timeslot. This type of booking is useful for services type of businesses such as optometrists, dental or sports facilities such as tennis courts

LDAP and AD support

Users in LDAP and Active Directory servers can access the system


SMS, Email or WhatsApp notifications for customers and staff. Message, Recipients and Delivery time can be customized using rules and templates.

OAuth support

Enhanced security and integration using OAuth2 support