Multiple bookable assets

Assets are your resources that's bookable. It can be a person or equipment. It can be tennis court or business location.

Automate messaging

Messaging rules and templates will automate who to send, when to send and how to send a message to a customer.

Customize schedule

Create simple or complex schedules for your bookable assets. Hourly, Recurring, Once every week, Only between 4 and 9pm...

Show availability in real time

Booking availability based on number of participants per event, number of items in inventory, cancellations and booking status.

Connect with other systems

Integrate with other business systems. CRM system, Accounting Systems, Database or web applications using REST APIs.

Manage pricing and get paid fast

Define the cost of booking. Fixed or variable pricing. Variable pricing can be based on time, quantity, date.

Self-service, cancellations and refunds

Customers access information about booking, payments and all past transactions 24/7. Make changes, request refunds or update personal details via self-service. Login via social networks Facebook, Google..

Manage customers and staff

Customers and staff are users. Manage their roles, access and security using advanced user management.

Reports on customers,booking,payment

View reports on customers, bookings and payments. Supports Excel, PDF and web formats.

Booking page or app customization

Use built-in booking application or customize it to meet your needs. Advanced users can use APIs as well.